Comprehensive advice for family businesses.
  • Succession planning for family businesses.
  • Proposal and drawing up of family agreements.
  • Tax planning for companies and family inheritances.
  • Definition of company governance in family businesses (protection of minorities, integration of independent executives, good governance bodies, etc.)
  • Organisation of a “Family Office” to manage the legal aspects affecting the family in areas other than the business.
Design, planning and execution of wage schemes.
Planning and execution of top executive expatriation to foreign subsidiaries and vice-versa.
Business initiatives.
  • Constitution of ideal tax vehicles for entering new areas of business and/or channelling investment (securities and real estate investment companies, risk capital companies, foreign holding companies, etc.).
  • Design and implementation of international corporate structures: tax planning of Spanish investments abroad and vice-versa.
  • Optimisation of tax costs for intervening companies and/or their shareholders.
  • Drawing up, negotiation and execution of all kinds of documents and associative contracts. Drawing up of articles of association and shareholders’ agreements.
  • Legal, tax and labour audits.
Legal advice on the Prevention of Money Laundering:
  • Drawing up of a Manual on the Prevention of Money Laundering indicating internal control and communication procedures.
  • Creation of internal control bodies, communication to the Comisión de Porevención del Blanqueo de Capitales e Infracciones Monetarias (SEPBLAC) and the sending of necessary documentation for establishing suitability of the bodies and procedures adopted.
  • Audits: carrying out of an external appraisal of company Money Laundering procedures, demonstrating the correct fullfilment and adequacy of the measures taken by associate entities with regard to applicable regulations at any moment in time, identifying shortcomings and proposing the necessary corrections.
  • In-Company Training: training, besides being a legal obligation, constitutes the basic pillar for learning, anticipating and preventing the carrying out of operations likely to be related to Money laundering.

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